Belle terra

Entry 1

three way tie

at the official Battle Royale our three heroes met

Grey – the unchained oracle, Katrina – the dwarven philanthropist, and Skysong - the wandering sorcerer.

each had proven their skills in combat – the judges had decided it would be a three-way match to determine the order of skill in combat and the rewards.

Katrina ultimately prevailed.

after the awards ceremony an emissary from the lumber consortium located outside Falcon's Hollow approached them to invite them to assist the company in helping the locals overcome the current plague.

the trio decided to assist and left immediately - they discovered that there might be a cure and needed to find 3 ingredients located in the wilds outside the hollow – Darkmoon Vale – the group encountered a magic cauldron that tried to eat Grey – they battled a giant mosquito that nearly killed Katrina – Skysong nearly fell to her death but Katrina broke her fall.

the party fought a tatzylwurm and a worg along the way to discovering the 3 ingredients – they returned with a rare root called rat's tail, a moss that only grows on the eldest tree in the Vale, and ironbloom mushrooms that grew in an abandoned dwarven monastery.

the heroes as Falcon's Hollow now calls them were swift enough to gather and return only a handful of local lost their lives but hundreds were saved.



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